Integrated Cell Observation and Injection System

Click to open original image in new window The EMBL Live Cell Observation Chamber is available for AIS 2 systems. It consists of the Microscope Chamber and the Incubator Controller GP168. Adaptations have been designed for all inverted microscopes to which our system has been installed so far. Since the chamber seals almost completely around the microscope body, CO2-control could be added. The chamber also features humidity measurement and temperature control.

This allows for continuous microscopic observation of the effects of microinjected compounds on cells.

The chamber is sold as an accessory to the microinjection system only. Customers who do not own an AIS 2 or intend to buy one should contact EMBLEM

CellBiology Trading provides installation at the customer's site as well as user introduction and service.

Easy Access of Sample and Micromanipulation System

Large doors, in case of the Axiovert 200 two on the front and two on each side, allow for easy handling of cells, micromanipulation system, and microscope components inside the chamber. Inclinable holder for illumination equipment are supported by additional hinge at backside of the chamber (see example!)

Of course, the microscope should be as automated as possible, to avoid frequent disturbances of the interior atmosphere. This example shows the Zeiss Axiovert 200M with motorized DIC condenser 0.55, equipped with the automated injection system AIS 2.

Powerful Controller

The Incubator Controller GP168 mounts to the wall in the back of the microscope. It is held by two top screws.

Regulation capacity of both CO2 and temperature exceeds the chamber volume and easily compensates for residual leakage.

When a chilled circulating water bath is connected (red arrows), the system can be run at temperatures as low as 15 °C.

Easy Operation

Operation of the chamber is strikingly simple:

A two line LC-display and a single button to select and confirm selection as well as four status LEDs is all that is needed.

Pressing the button walks you through the tree-structured menu, turning the button left or right selects the options at the branches.

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