Computer assisted microinjection requires highly accurate positioning and reproducibility. Therefore, for AIS 2 we decided to use a micromanipulation system made by Luigs & Neumann, Germany. In the field of electrophysiology this company has a worldwide reputation for superior micromanipulators, featuring both high precision and high stability.
The micromanipulation system of AIS 2 mounts to any inverted Zeiss microscope. The newest setup for the "Axiovert" 200 comes as a compact unit, which just replaces the regular stage plate.

It consists of 6 axes, fully motorized by stepper motors:

Stage movement: X, Y, and Z

The motors move the inner plate holding the cell culture chamber

Capillary movement: X, Y, and axial


The Controller interfaces between the motors and the computer. It contains the interface logic as well as the driver boards for the stepper motors of each axis. The battery buffered RAM units on the amplifier boards of each axis allow for abolute positioning, which is necessary for automated microinjection.
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